How to Clean Your Yoga Mat at Home

How to Clean Your Yoga Mat at Home

Photo by Angela Tague

Sweaty socks stink. You know the pungent, stale aroma, right? Well, if you’re down in child’s pose and catch a whiff of something similar and you’re barefoot, it might just be your yoga mat.

Yes, your mat needs some routine TLC to stay fresh and odor-free.

A Quick Home Recipe

I have multiple mats, attend classes several times each week and am trying to bolster a home practice. (Yep, bolster. That’s a yoga prop pun. Ha!) So, I’m cleaning my mats often.

I make a simple cleaning solution that has worked great. How do I know? My mats don’t stink!

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I grabbed an empty, refillable spray bottle and filled it half with water and half with white distilled vinegar. Then I added a few drops of On Guard essential oil from doTERRA. The vinegar kills lingering bacteria on the mat. Ditto for the oil. Plus, when the vinegar dries the tart smell goes away and you’re left with the spicy fall scent of the essential oil.

You can use other oils too.

I’ve enjoyed a perky citrus blend and calming lavender. Get creative and choose a scent that fits your yoga flow. Don’t forget to include the vinegar to kill bacteria.

How to Clean Your Yoga Mat at Home

Cleaning my mat after a great workout! Photo by Angela Tague

Buying Yoga Mat Cleaner

If you don’t want to venture into mixing up your own cleaner, or hate being around the smell of vinegar, you can buy yoga mat cleaning sprays.

The Sweet Orange and Peppermint Body, Mat and Room Yoga Mist from Aura Cacia and the Indigo Wild Zum Mist in the Frankincense and Myrrh scent are my two favorites.

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The Cleaning Process

After each workout, simply mist your yoga mat, blocks and other props with your cleaner of choice. I like to use a soft cloth to wipe down my mat before rolling it back up.

If you use a blanket, don’t forget to wash it often too!

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