How Morning Routines Make Us Feel Amazing (And 6 Things You Can Try)

bright yellow sunflower close up

This sunflower from my yard this past fall reminds me of the sun, and morning!

What you do with the first minutes of your day matters. I’m sure of it.

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In September I listened to a talk from Theresa Laurico at a conference. She’s one of the producers for the upcoming movie based on the wildly popular book, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. She shared insider tips on how to launch our days so we can feel our best both emotionally and physically while strengthening our mindsets.

Sounds amazing, right?

I’ve always had a morning routine of sorts, but never knew which activities were the best use of my time to be productive, relaxed and happy. Over the past year, I’ve dabbled with morning journaling, walks around the neighborhood, gentle yoga flows, reading printed books and simply sitting and watching the sun rise with a cup of hot tea.

All of it seems calming and helpful. But, what’s actually best according to science, research and years of ancient wisdom? I’m happy to share!

Why You Need a Morning Routine

First of all, why is being intentional about the first few things you do each day important? Elrod and the crew behind The Miracle Morning say that it assists us in creating the life we dream about.

A morning routine helps determine the quality of the work you’ll do in the hours ahead and how content you are with your life and career. In short, having a morning routine helps you reach your full potential by optimizing your mental and physical health.

The folks at Harvard agree. A morning ritual revives our energy and self-control which in turn translates to more motivation, focus and ability to complete tasks. Planning a morning that focuses on self-care can power you through your entire day.

So, let’s do this!

sun hiding behind clouds

Good morning, sunshine! I see you peeking from behind the clouds!

6 Ways to Elevate Your Day

In her presentation, Laurico shared the six top morning routine components to help you get in alignment with what you want out of life. They form the acronym SAVERS.

  • S is for Silence: After you open your eyes, don’t reach for your cellphone and start checking texts or browsing social media. This instantly shifts you into a reactive state, where you feed the needs of others by responding. Instead, give yourself the gift of silence. Use a few minutes to meditate, pray or practice gratitude.
  • A is for Affirmation: Program your mind with positive self-talk. Think of a few “I am” statements for the day and say them out loud so you brain can hear them and register your intentions. For example, consider these affirmations: I am resilient! I am healthy! I am worthy! I am strong! I am kind! I am smart!
  • V is for Visualization: Imagining the things and experiences you want in life helps bring them to fruition. What you give energy to, grows. Spend a few minutes each morning adding doodles or pictures to a vision board. Or, simply sit in silence with your eyes closed and visualize the things you desire.
  • E is for Exercise: Get the heart pumping with cardiovascular exercise to kick off your day. Jogging on a treadmill, going for a walk in nature or swimming laps for at least 30 minutes each morning are good options. As always, speak to your primary care physician before starting any new exercise programs.
  • R is for Reading: Find a book, magazine or newspaper that you enjoy and add it to your morning routine. Reading printed pages (not scrolling on an electronic device) is good for our brains. I try to read a chapter or two from non-fiction, inspirational books in the morning.
  • S is for Scribing: Finally, grab a pen and notebook and write down what comes to mind. You don’t have to have good grammar or writing skills. The act of journaling helps process your thoughts more deeply and allow for reflection. What bubbles up? Just five minutes of journaling a day can be effective.

As I work to refine my morning routine to meet my current needs and dreams, I’ll be working with more of these ideas. Will you?

Laurico wrapped up her presentation by saying that we need to love ourselves to raise our consciousness and truly live from a place of authenticity. I love the mention of self-care and self-love!

The last notes I jotted down during the talk were “No rain. No flowers. Discover your soul. Surrender. Trust. Make love a habit for yourself.”

I agree.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!
Angela Tague

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Note: This post was last updated on August 1, 2022.

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