Hot Apple Crumble Bars

Hot Apple Crumble Bars

I adore apple crisp. So, when I saw one of my favorite food bloggers post a recipe for bars that resembled apple crisp, I was intrigued.

Last night I made Chocolate-Covered Katie’s Hot Apple Crumble Bars. I had just a few apples left from my trip to the apple orchard, and couldn’t imagine not making a crisp or a pie, so I whipped up these bars.

The recipe was simple to follow and easily adaptable to make it gluten free. I used Bob’s Red Mill All-Purpose Gluten-Free Flour for the flour and real butter for the fat. After the bars baked, I let them cool for 45 minutes before digging in.

Unfortunately, they fell apart, and I served the bars in a bowl. Often when I bake gluten-free desserts, they are a little more crumbly and dry than their counterparts made with wheat-based flour. Hot Apple Crumble Bars

But, I really didn’t care that they didn’t stick together, because they tasted wonderful! I’m not sure that the hubby and I won’t finish the pan of bars in less than 24 hours. Hey, we like sweets. It’s all good.

I’m guessing the fully cooled bars will stick together a bit better than the slightly warm ones we enjoyed after dinner.

What have you been making with apples this season?

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