Healing Tunes

Healing Tunes #CupcakesAndYogaPants

It’s no secret: I love music.

Getting caught up in the energy of a rock n’ roll show, surrounded by friends, is exhilarating. Stress melts away. Happy feelings bubble up.

So, I was thrilled when one of my marketing clients asked me to interview a music therapist and discuss the healing power of music for hospital patients. I just finished this piece, and will be sharing it on the Cupcakes and Yoga Pants Facebook page as soon as it publishes.

You’ll also be able to read it on the Hello Humankindness website, from Dignity Health.

UPDATE: The article has published! You can read The Healing Power of Music Therapy here.

After doing this story, I can share that yes, music can have a healing, positive effect on people. The tempo of the music gets you moving when you’re feeling down, or provides a calming sensation when anxiety is high.

Music also unites us with others. There’s an instant camaraderie when you start singing a song’s chorus as an audience or start clapping along to a rhythm. Have you ever done the smile and nod when you see someone wearing a T-shirt of a band you also admire? I have! And if it’s at a concert, I usually start up a conversation with the person too.

Do you find music improves your mood? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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