Have You Checked in With…Yourself?

Afternoon check-in! Photo edited with PS Express.

One of the first tools added to my healing toolbox was the self check-in. It’s been a fabulous resource as I work through EMDR therapy. Checking in forces me to slow down, embrace the moment and nurture myself.

We get wrapped up in the tasks before us, ruminating thoughts and others’ needs, and don’t often pause and ask ourselves what we need right now.

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To find the answers, take a moment and ask yourself:

How do I feel right now? Do I need to rest for a few moments? Do I need a drink of water? Do I need to schedule a PTO day ASAP? Do I need time with friends?

What’s going on in my body? Am I hungry? Is that lunch sitting heavy? Can I drop my shoulders and release some tension? Am I clenching my jaw?

How am I breathing? Are my breaths short and shallow? Can I lengthen them to fully oxygenate my body? Can I exhale a little longer?

Do I need to move? Have I been sitting for an extended period of time? Would some stretching feel good? What type of movement is best for me today?

We make time to tend to the asks and needs of others, but rarely check-in with ourselves to see what would make us more comfortable and reduce stress. It’s time to go beyond the routine, mechanical care we bestow upon ourselves and listen to what we find within.

Our bodies speak to us daily. Are you listening?

This is the third post in my four-part summer series on self-care. There’s no mention of bubble baths and retail therapy here. It’s time to harness some major self love by cultivating joy and exploring acceptance in our lives every single day. Won’t you join me? Get updates in your email inbox here.

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Choose healthy!

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