Happy Birthday, Wonder Woman!

Belle with a bone

Belle is never without a chew bone by her side. She loves Nylabones!

Yesterday Belle turned 11 years old.

My little girl is a true super hero disguised as a dog. Over the years she has fought off a cancerous tumor by her eye, had stitches in her paw after a deep cut and survived surgery to correct bloat with a twist.

Belle wearing a cone

Belle wore a cone after surgery to remove a cancerous tumor near her eye.

She’s just as spunky and ornery as the day we welcomed her home. Belle enjoys eating vegetables, playing with her giant stuffed Tigger toy, rolling in fall leaves and barking at the cabinet where her treats are kept hidden away.

Belle also loves her big (older) brother Orion. The two make a great team! Last night they enjoyed an evening walk around the neighborhood together after dinner.

Belle and Orion in the Jeep

Belle and Orion love riding in the Jeep together.

Do you have pets? Tell me about them in the comments below. And in the meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY  Miss Belle E. Button. And yes, that is her official AKC registered name.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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