Happy Birthday, Orion!

Happy Birthday, Orion!

October is a busy birthday month! My mom, sister, dad, mother-in-law and two puppies have all celebrated birthdays this month.

This weekend is my oldest dog Orion’s 12th birthday. We don’t know his exact birth date since he was adopted from the shelter, so we celebrate it on Halloween!

Happy Birthday, Orion!

This spunky senior loves to swim in lakes, make noises like Chewbacca, eat steak with his dad and bulldoze into you to get extra close snuggles.

Orion is named after an instrumental song by Metallica and goes by the nicknames O, O Man, O Rino, O Wee, Mr. Nibbles, Stinky and O-we-o-we-o Jungle O.

Happy Birthday, Orion!

Do you give your pets silly nicknames? Tell me about them in the comments below using Facebook or the comment form.

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