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tiny green tomatoes on the plant starting to grow

As summer fades, the kids head back to school and my friends share photos of their home canning adventures (we do a lot of this in the Midwest!) on Facebook, I’m celebrating my first tiny green tomato orbs.

You see, I moved in the spring and was busy trying to find where I packed the silverware, shopping for a new lawnmower and deciding where to set up my home office. But, I really wanted to set up a garden. So I bought one tomato plant. It was small, maybe 8-inches in height, with half a dozen soft green leaves.

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I planted it out front, within view of the front porch, so I could watch it grow as I would come and go in this new space. Together we’d get settled and produce something new.

Then, the hot summer settled in.

I didn’t water the tomato plant as much as I should have because I was busy with visits from plumbers, more unpacking and moving my home office three times. There were appliances to buy, grass to mow and neighbors to meet.

But, that little tomato plant grew, ever so slowly.

She produced a handful of tiny yellow blossoms in August. I knew these would eventually turn into delicious red tomatoes, but my boyfriend’s toddler decided they were pretty and plucked them one-by-one.

With some quick guidance, she stopped, and the waiting for fresh produce began again.

Here we are, Labor Day week, and I have spotted the most perfect little round green tomatoes, growing at their own pace. Despite my lack of attention, Mother Nature’s dry summer, a toddler’s curious fingers and no garden companions for cross-pollination, that little tomato plant is thriving.

I’m not sure if I’ll get to eat a home-grown tomato sandwich before the first Iowa frost settles in. Maybe. But I could definitely make some fried green tomatoes, or leave it be and watch the solo plant transition into fall.

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