Going Gluten Free: Beyond Food

Going Gluten Free: Beyond Food

Gluten sensitivity and celiac disease are sneaky.

Some of my gluten-free friends have to avoid gluten in all aspects of their life, not just at mealtime or when snacking. If gluten touches their skin or accidentally gets ingested while bathing, they face serious reactions and long-term health issues.

Today I thought I’d share a few resources for gluten-free personal care and beauty products. If you have to avoid gluten, there’s no reason to risk an accidental exposure simply by washing your hair or putting on lipstick.

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20 Best Gluten Free Shampoos and Conditioners from The Hair Essentials

This fabulous resource includes product recommendations (including my favorite gluten-free shampoo from Desert Essence), why gluten is in shampoo and how gluten can be absorbed through the skin.

Gluten-Free Makeup Gal

This is a blog dedicated to gluten-free make-up reviews, lists, insights and offers. I like to browse the popular posts list in the right margin of the desktop version of this website to see what’s trending, such as new-to-me products or formula changes. You can also use the search box at the top of the page to learn more about a brand or type of makeup you use.

Skin Deep Cosmetics Database from Environmental Working Group

This look-up site from EWG lets you search skin care products by name to learn more about their ingredient lists, toxicity, allergens and use restrictions based on government and health agency assessments.

The Best Gluten-Free Living Apps of the Year from Healthline

Finally, if you’re shopping and wonder if the product you’re about to grab contains gluten, you can do a quick search using a gluten-free database app on your smartphone. This article shares a list of options to download.

With all gluten-free products, it’s best to read the product label and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions or concerns. Formulas and ingredient lists change over time, which may affect the product’s gluten-free status, regardless of any labeling, logos or claims on the packaging.

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