Getting Sparkly With Dinoplatz

Dinoplatz eyeshadow from Too Cool For School

The other night I was headed to a friend’s house for a group dinner with our buddies. I thought it might be fun to try my new tube of Dinoplatz eyeshadow from Too Cool For School. I was sent a sample of the lavender Eyeshadow on Flatiron, a creamy water-resistant eye color.

I was expecting to see a pastel eye color, but instead, found myself sparkling. There is a tint of lavender to this product, but it’s definitely more glittery than colorful. And, I’m OK with that.


The instructions on the package say to squeeze a dab of the jelly on your fingertip and apply to the eyelid. So, that’s what I did. It goes on smooth and even, which is a nice change from blending, blending, blending dry shadows with makeup brushes. There was no clumping or build-up of pigment in the creases of my I’m-over-30 eyes.


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So far, I really like this product. As a bonus, Too Cool for School products are never tested on animals, don’t have a funky perfume-heavy fragrance and they come in recyclable dinosaur-decorated paper packaging. Neat.

If you want to check out Dinoplatz products, you can find them at SEPHORA and Amazon. The current line includes mascara, lip balm, eyeshadow, blusher and blotting papers. The company is expanding and adding new products regularly!

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Note: This posted was updated on April 6, 2017.



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