From the Ashes

Focused awareness nurtures healing and creativity.

Last week, I went on a drum-guided journey to learn more about my shadow. After discovering, accepting and nurturing this beast through deep meditation, I used charcoal and acrylics to create a soul painting.

I could write thousands of words about my experience, and may in the future, but for now I’ve feel it’s best summed up in this poem and snapshot of my artwork.

From the Ashes #CupcakesAndYogaPants

From the Ashes

My shadow of fear is faceless.
Hallow, cold, constricting.
Shape shifting and floating.

It demands emotional wellness,
commands me to listen.
I slip into its skin, scared.

Chills scale my arms,
My chest grows cold.
I am frozen. Stillness.

I am told to nurture the shadow,
step away and observe.
Emotions become a sea of flowers.
A rainbow tide,
warming and melting the icy fear.

I rise above myself and observe,
wrapped in a cloak of color.
Soft, warm, welcomed.

The sky illuminates,
I stand in stillness.

The Phoenix rises,
A wise woman appears,
and the man smiles,
as sticky paint dries.


I hope you’ll take the time listen to your inner voice today. What is it telling you? What are your shadows? How can you give them what they need so they no longer overpower you?

Sit in stillness and acknowledge whatever comes to mind. Can you listen to yourself?

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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