Finding the Silver Lining

Finding the Silver Lining

Sometimes you have to dig deep to find the good in things.

Each day we all face challenges. Some are large and life-altering, while others are small and become insignificant by the end of the week.

We all need to remember to look for the bright spots in our moments of struggles. It can be frustrating and seem impossible, but it helps move you forward to better days.

Recently my household has endured its unusual share of emergencies, which makes it tough to find those bright moments. Thankfully, we’re keeping our chins up and focusing on the end results and positive outcomes. We will press on.

Meditation during yoga class keeps me grounded. A sweat-drenching workout releases frustration. The support of my husband and friends keeps me focused. Baking and spending time with my pets brings me joy.

How do you maintain a positive outlook during trying times? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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Choose healthy!

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