Feeling Colorful in the Pool

Feeling Colorful in the Pool

I love bold colors. So when my latest black and white swimsuit got thin, I jumped online and started browsing Amazon for something new to wear to the pool.

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We all know I love a good bargain, so when I saw a suit for $10, I clicked buy and had it in my hands two days later. You just have to love Amazon Prime!

So, I’ve been giving the multi-colored “orange” suit a good work out. It’s been my sidekick for water aerobics and my arthritis aqua class. Overall, it’s a great suit and I’m considering buying the other color option that’s available!

The Cut and Style

The HASIDING Women’s Pro Athletic One Piece Bathing Suit is a classic racer back with a built-in (no wire) bra. If you’re looking for a swimsuit that holds up to frequent lap swimming, bouncy water circuit classes and high-energy water aerobics classes you need something that will stay in place and offer support, and this style does a good job of that! The openings for the legs are very modest, which is also great for avid swimmers. No water wedgies!

How It Fits

I used the helpful size chart on Amazon, and did a pretty good picking out the correct size for me. I selected a US 3-7. I wear a size 6 in jeans. The bottom half of the suit fits perfectly. It’s not too taught over my backside and very comfortable when treading water. The top part is a tiny bit too roomy. A reviewer on Amazon did mention that was the case for her too. If I get a second suit, I might go one size smaller after I lose a few extra pounds.

Wait and See

Of course this suit is only a week old, so the true test is if it will last in a chlorinated pool for more than a month. I tend to take a dip three to four times a week, so I only expect my suits to last three or four months, tops. They usually start to wear through along the back seam. Once you can see through the stretched fabric, they go in the trash!

Do you love swimming too? Do you have a favorite brand of swimsuit I should check out?

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