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Exhale. It’s the word that floated into my mind after an exhausting afternoon of sorting and unpacking moving boxes. You did it. You navigated a season of change, and now you can transition into a season of rest.

Exhale. Let go. Send forth. Release. Discharge. Relax.

But here I am six months past this realization, and still hustling in the fast lane. As a gal managing C-PTSD, I’m always alert. Always on. Subconscious flight or flight moments fuel me forward to go, go, go. It’s exhausting.

So, I am practicing moving slow. My angels keep reminding me ‘go slower’, but it’s simply not intuitive for me yet. I keep buzzing along. Planning. Doing. Creating. Growing. Making. Scheduling. Writing. Going.

I’m so, so tired. I need to exhale.

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I had a little chat with myself. I usually do this via journaling, stern conversations in the car and now (inspired by Mel Robbins’ Instagram posts about her book High Five Habit — which I still need to get and read!!) a few eye-to-eye moments in the bathroom mirror.

I’m slowly reviving my favorite self-care routines including daily walks, regular mental health therapy sessions, cooking from scratch, parsing astrology forecasts, sitting by bonfires, working with my oracle cards, attending community events, reading, moving through gentle yoga poses, painting rocks and so much more. (I’ve never used the word bored in my vocabulary. I have too many hobbies for that!)

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I’m purposely doing less each hour of each day. My body is screaming for physical and mental relaxation. To best soothe the autoimmune pain and inflammation in my body, I’ve trimmed down my work schedule, am declining more social invites, cleaning up my eating habits and letting the laundry pile up a few days longer. I’m having grace for what I need each day so I can transition from a season of change to a season of rest.

Each day, sometimes several times a day, I’m pausing to say, “Angie, what do you need today?” The answers vary. Sometimes it’s fresh fruit or a nap in the sunshine. Other times it’s a dinner date with my boyfriend or a dog park adventure with Leo. I’m moving through moments more intuitively, allowing my mind and body to communicate what they need, rather than running on autopiloted schedules and old habits.

I’m transitioning, growing, evolving within a cocoon of rest. That’s the season I’m in now. I’m not sure how long it will last, or when the season of butterfly will emerge, but this is where I am right now, and I’m all in.

After a few weeks of purposeful exhaling, I can feel a difference in my mindset, contentment and happiness. Now it’s time to dig deeper, slower into this moment.

Are you connecting with yourself? What do you need in your current season of life? Is it time to grow? Time to rest? Time to change? Time to explore? Time to accept? Once you identify what your mind, body and soul craves, you can align your actions and mindset to make it happen.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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