Emerging #CupcakesAndYogaPants

Each person who comes into our life is a teacher. Good or bad, we learn from our social interactions with them.

Sometimes our hearts ache and fill with lessons we couldn’t have learned otherwise. We become hardened. Smarter. Stronger.

Other times, we get attached.

We enjoy their ideas and company. They enrich our lives. Then, Poof!. Life circumstances change and no matter how much you try to salvage that connection, it withers away.

We often wait. We hope for more, for change.

Eventually we realize we might be chasing friendships that have run their course and people who have transitioned into new phases of their lives — without us.

It’s OK. We’re better people for having both positive and difficult experiences in our lives. Balance brings clarity and joy.

As I was thinking about this concept over the weekend, I was reminded of an article I wrote two years ago for Hello Humankindness about finding supportive friends in unexpected places.

For me, it was a swimming pool. Today, it’s a yoga mat.

I’m keeping this story in mind as I learn to let go of those who need to move on and how to embrace those who currently have an active interest in being part of my life.

Once you open your eyes to the new opportunities sprouting up before you, it’s exciting. You realize you are growing by engaging in new experiences, relationships, conversations, ideas and activities.

Your circle begins to grow. You form new connections. The world widens.

Here’s to nurturing the relationships that are meant to be in our lives during the coming year and having the grace to accept the changes life presents.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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