Easy Exercise for Sore Wrists

Last week in yoga class, the teacher explained a new move to help with wrist pain. If you’re like me and work at a desk most of the day and feel strain on your wrists when planking or doing downward-facing dog, you have to try this exercise for sore wrists.

While in a seated position, clasp your hands in front of you. Your fingers should be interlaced and your palms touching.

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Now, keeping your elbows at your sides draw an invisible figure eight in the air using your clasped hands. After about 10 rotations, do this in reverse. It’s much harder than it sounds. Remember to keep your elbows at your sides. It’s a small movement, but it seems to help loosen my wrists. Oh, and crack a few of my fingers (in a good way).

Here’s a video I found on YouTube from Global Bodyweight Training that shows this movement in more detail. Mike refers to the exercise as the “wrist roll”.

Did you give these exercises a try? What did you think? I find myself doing them at my desk and during yoga classes now!

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Note: This post was updated on February 3, 2017.

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