Do You Make Time for Reflection?

Quiet moments of reflection help us evaluate our behaviors.

My days are structured around blocks on my digital calendar, lists on my desk and reminder pings from my cellphone. The goal: keep moving forward. Get things done. Make progress.

Do, do, do!

I will say, this approach works for me. It helps me run a successful business, stay atop of home repair projects and weave time into hectic weeks for socialization  — and self-care.

As I work through this summer self-care series, I’m trying to identify which practices and mindsets have significantly helped me create a life with less anxiety and feelings of overwhelm.

We’ve chatted about being mindful by focusing on the present without judgment. This post discussed lingering in and absorbing joy-inducing moments to rewire our brains. I’ve also written about sharing our wins to improve our mental well-being.

But, what about taking a quiet moment to reflect after those moments pass? What stands out? What thoughts or emotions bubble up?

This simple gesture — that you can invest in for one minute or many hours — allows us to understand the effects of our choices and guides us in future decision making. Reflection helps us reach our goals and self-monitor our behaviors.

“There is much to learn from those who frequently and conscientiously engage in self-reflection. Whether it’s Buddhists engaging in meditation, alcoholics at AA meetings, or philosophers of the Enlightenment studying the texts of Immanuel Kant, being aware of ourselves is an essential step in self-improvement,” Allen R McConnell Ph.D.

This mirror work can only be done for us, by us.

Each day I’m dedicating a few sentences in my journal, ideas on social media or thoughts in my head to the art of reflection. My summer self-care challenge for you is to simply slow down and reflect on your week so far. Take note of what pops up and listen!

This is the second post in my four-part summer series on self-care. There’s no mention of bubble baths and retail therapy here. It’s time to harness some major self-love by cultivating joy and exploring acceptance in our lives every single day. Won’t you join me? Get updates in your email inbox here.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

PS: Last week a post on Twitter spurred an impromptu accountability group for those of us who need to reduce our sugar intake. Browse Twitter for the #MySugarJourney hashtag to join us. Here’s the post that started the conversation.

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