Do Vegans Eat Honey?

Do Vegans Eat Honey?

Photo Credit: Flickr, Monica R.

I’ve been a strict vegetarian since 1998. No, I don’t eat fish, chicken or other meats on occasion. And every once in a while I have vegan days.

Yesterday was almost a vegan day, depending on your stance on honey. I had some of the sweet stuff drizzled on my morning soaked oats with blueberries.

If vegans don’t use or eat any products created by living creatures, that should include honey. But, I’ve heard both sides of the debate. On one hand, bees create honey naturally when they have access to pollen. But, to smoke out the man-made hives and gain access to the honey, some bees die in the process.

How do you feel about eating honey? Do you think it promotes cruelty to bees?

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