Cupcakes and Yoga Pants LogoI am incredibly picky about which products I will personally endorse or recommend online. I will only mention, link to or suggest items that I personally use or would love to try. All ideas and opinions are my own, regardless of any advertising or sponsorships.

If a product has downfalls, I will tell you.

I choose to add links to products I mention to make it easier for you to find them online and learn more about them. I also feel that if I take the time to review a product, take pictures and give you the inside scoop on how it really works, I should be compensated. To offset these production costs and website hosting fees, you will notice ads, sponsored posts or affiliate links on this site.

And one more note…

The tips, advice and suggestions on this website are not meant to cure any conditions or illnesses. Please seek the advice of a certified medical practitioner if you have health concerns. This blog was created to share my experiences and ideas. Namaste!

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