Cultivating Gratitude Creates Joy in Our Lives


I rushed to my car, annoyed I was leaving later than planned. The garage door inched like a snail. While waiting, I mindlessly turned to admire the nearby abundant zinnia blooms.

Woosh! A butterfly sailed in, creating a calendar-perfect nature shot. I reached for my cellphone, turned on the camera app and snapped away. I’m a sucker for photography.

Click. Click. Click.

I absorbed the colorful moment, unaware that the garage door was now open. I focused on allowing myself to feel gratitude for the flower seeds I was gifted, planted and blossomed so beautifully. I felt thankful for the visit from the butterfly. I embraced the summer moment so it would become a warm memory to recall when the snow flies.

I experienced pure, simple joy.

Later when reviewing the pictures, I noticed the butterfly’s tattered wings told a story unto their own. I also wondered how many smiles his imperfect body has coaxed out of busy people?

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This moment of gratitude was random, unplanned and hinged on the wings of a little insect. I’m loving this shift in my perception and encourage you to slow down and view the world with a thankful heart today.

“Practicing gratitude invites joy into our lives. Practice is the part that really changed my life, that really changed my family and the way we live every day. When I say practice gratitude, don’t mean “the-attitude-of-gratitude” or feeling grateful, I mean practicing gratitude.” ~ Dr. Brené Brown

This is the first post in my four-part summer series on self-care. There’s no mention of bubble baths and retail therapy here. It’s time to harness some major self-love by cultivating joy and exploring acceptance in our lives every single day. Won’t you join me? Get updates in your email inbox by signing up here.

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