Creamy Orange Morning Smoothie (Recipe)


Creamy Orange Morning Smoothie (Recipe)

I like to mix it up. Usually my morning smoothies feature berries. Strawberries. Blueberries. Blackberries. Aronia berries. So, the other morning I tried something new and experimented with a few tangelos that were looking lonely in the fruit bowl.

Wow!! I have to say this smoothie is refreshing and a bit indulgent. It reminds me of eating a creamy orange push-up ice cream treat from childhood. Yep, it’s really that yummy. And with the ingredients I used (noted below), it weighed in at 18 grams of protein. I seriously wasn’t hungry until lunch time!

Note: You’ll need to do a tiny bit of prep work ahead of time to make this smoothie really cold and creamy. See Step 1 below! Set aside two minutes right now to get this step done, so when you want to make this smoothie, you’re 100 percent ready.

So, let’s get blending! I used my single-serve blender to make one individual serving. Grab the full-size blender if you double this recipe to share with someone special. (They’ll be glad you did!)

Creamy Orange Morning Smoothie

Servings: 1
⦁    2 tangelos or oranges
⦁    1/4 cup vanilla protein powder
⦁    1 cup of unsweetened soy milk

1. Wash, peel, remove seeds, section and freeze the tangelo or orange segments. I used tangelos because I had them on hand, and they peel easier than oranges. You could probably use clementines also. Just grab three or four!
2. Place the frozen citrus segments into the blender.
3. Add the vanilla protein powder.
4. Pour the milk into the blender. Start with 1 cup, and add a bit more later if you want the smoothie to be a little thinner and easier to drink with a straw.
5. Blend to combine.
6. Pour the smoothie into a glass, sip and enjoy.

Do you have a favorite citrus smoothie recipe? Tell me about it or share a link in the comments below. I’m excited to try more recipes like this.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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