Celebrate Each Other

Celebrate Each Other #CupcakesAndYogaPants

I recently listened to a 45-minute rant that judged an individual person based on second-hand information and very few facts.

We’ll all been there, right? This isn’t uncommon.

I couldn’t physically get away from the conversation, so I listened. I wondered why anyone would dig so hard and deep into judgment of others when we never know 100 percent what fuels their decisions and actions.

I was reading last week how everything we experience is carefully funneled through our own experiences and perception. That’s how we form an opinion.

And, sometimes rants.

Maybe the ranter had deep, lingering personal issues that were amplified by the actions of the person they were ranting about. (That funnel?) I started to feel sad for them. The conversation in my head wandered to self-healing and facing our own shadows. We all have them.

Instead of tearing others down, let’s just celebrate each other.

Sure, I’m not perfect. I’ve made many mistakes, instigated rants, said hurtful things and been part of gossip sessions. I’m tired of it.

I’m tired of the hate, anger and anxiety that goes along with this type of exchange.

Why don’t we funnel our energy into celebrating the things we see others do well? Instead of picking on what’s wrong, amplify what’s right, even if it’s small.

I’m purposely trying to tell people my passing, positive thoughts.

Last week, I told a friend in-person how much I enjoyed a post she shared on Facebook. I commented on a cute sweatshirt worn by a fellow yogi in class. I complimented the talents of several entrepreneur friends. I randomly told the hubby some things I love about him. I ambushed my dog with kisses. I made time to treat myself to a new book.

Life is so much better when you take a positive approach rather than drown in the negativity that so easily takes over conversations.

Won’t you join me and have a positive conversation with someone today? It might just mean the world to them. Call. Text. Message. Visit.

I know those positive exchanges brighten my days immensely!

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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