Busy is an Empty Word

busy in nature

I enjoy being busy soaking up nature and creating photographs. Photo by Angela Tague

As a writer, I love digging into the nuances of words, like ‘busy’. We are all doing something every moment of the day — thus, busy.

It might be sleeping, eating, working, watching TV, walking or running errands. Anything.

I’ve found that when you’re not available at the moment someone else needs your attention, they label you as too busy for them with little regard to what you’re actually doing.

I posted about it on the Cupcakes And Yoga Pants Facebook page on May 18 and had lots of interest and feedback, so I wanted to post it here on the blog too so it has a longer online lifespan and can reach more readers. Enjoy!

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You’re so busy.
You’re probably too busy,
Nevermind. You probably have other things to do.

I hear these words a lot since I work at odd hours, in the evenings and on weekends. People see me trying to catch up on work tasks via my cellphone or writing down a quick idea in a notebook.

Again. Busy, busy, busy.

I thought I’d take tonight to air my voice, and be an advocate for other people with chronic ongoing illnesses. We aren’t THAT busy. We’re simply playing catch up.

Our bodies don’t work right. We have to rest often (which you probably don’t see) and then we make up for that lost time. It’s exhausting and at times hurtful to always hear “You’re so busy. You need to slow down. You probably don’t have time for this, but….”

You didn’t see my RA flare this morning, three-hour afternoon nap or sleepless night due to pain. You probably don’t know that my skin care takes an hour or more each day.

And if I’ve been glutened, I’m down for a day or more.

When you see me working or being active, be happy that I’m able. There are many moments that you don’t know about when I’ve succumbed to my diagnoses and need to rest. In those moments, I am busy taking care of myself.

Be well my friends and take care of you!

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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