Breaking Through Stigmas

Breaking Through Stigmas

I’ve been told I share too much.

Each week here on the blog, and daily on the Facebook page, I share my experiences. I talk about making healthy meal choices, attending yoga classes and what I’ve been doing for self care.

I share pictures of my skin issues, talk about biopsy results and encourage both men and women to do breast exams. (PLEASE, do them!)

My outreach is purely based on wanting to live a healthier life and inspire others to do the same.

So, I educate, inform and SHARE. And, no, it’s not always easy. I often linger with my finger hovering over the publish button. I wonder if my editors will question my article proposals. I wait for pushback from family and friends.

But, overall, the reception has been incredible. My readers love having someone they can identify with, so I will continue my outreach.

I hope that by sharing my journey through rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, Steven Johnson Syndrome and various skin conditions that I can help people realize, I’m not a stereotype.

Someone with health problems doesn’t have to have a wheelchair or leg braces. Their conditions may be invisible (unless you have X-ray vision).

Someone who does yoga can be curvy and use blocks as props.

Someone who eats gluten free can have cake, bread, crackers and cereal.

Someone who has chronic illness can still experience joy.

Some who battles health issues can have a career.

If you find that others judge you based on things they don’t understand, offer to answer their questions. Let them know how you’re feeling, rather than keeping it bottled up inside.

Be honest with yourself.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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  1. Noell Goulette says:

    Angie, do you remember Noel from STARS? Hi! Jessie, once part of STARS, gave me your blog name. I hope you don’t mind. I have a ?. If I want to do art work, and sell it at a garage sale-do I need a permit or license? At school teachers used to bring crafts they made and we purchased if we wanted to and they didn’t have a license. Subbing is just fun anymore with all the behaviors. I saw where you sold your house-I hope where you folks moved is nice. I miss talking with you. I hope you don’t mind I interrupted your blog. Thanks.

    • Angela Tague says:

      Hi Noelle! Thanks for reaching out! I believe in SC you can have 1-2 garage sales per year without a permit. After that, they consider it a home business and you need to collect taxes and have a permit. It might be worth a call to City Hall for the most current information. Good luck with your art work! And of course I remember our days at the barn! It’s great to hear from you! ~ Angie PS: You might enjoy my blog’s Facebook page too!

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