Breakfast Beans and Greens

Breakfast Beans and Greens

My breakfasts have been overhauled.

Since starting the Autoimmune Protocol, I no longer reach for yogurt, toast or cereal. Instead, my focus is on nutrient-dense foods that are easy for my healing digestive system to break down and absorb.

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I’m shocked that one of my favorite meals is beans n’ greens. Kale with pintos and pink Himalayan sea salt. Kale with chickpeas and turmeric (pictured). Kale with black beans and a squeeze of lime.

I really haven’t found a combination that I don’t enjoy.

Beans n’ greens keep me feeling full until my lunch break and don’t cause any digestive upset, like my former dairy and refined carbohydrate-heavy breakfasts.

What are you eating to nourish your body?

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