Black Dot for Awareness

Black Dot for Awareness

Have you seen the black dot movement? There’s a new campaign going around Facebook that is supposed to help women in domestic violence situations get help.

If you meet a woman with a black dot drawn on the inside of one of her palms, that’s a signal that she is in an abusive relationship and her abuser is watching over her, so she can’t say anything or ask for help.

I think the idea is genius.

But, I have two questions. What happens to the woman if her abuser sees the dot on her hand? Will her silent cry for help be punished?

And, if you meet someone with the black dot, what should you do? If you call the police, and they confront her, she’ll likely deny the situation since the abuser is nearby or present.

What is the best way to get someone help in this situation? Ideas?

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  1. Genie says:

    This is really dangerous, and should be removed.
    No professionals anywhere have ever been trained in how to respond to someone with a black dot on their hand, but abusers everywhere know about it.

    • Angela Tague says:

      Hi Genie, Thanks for commenting. Yes, I also think it was poorly planned. In my blog post I question both sides of the issue. What if the abuser sees the dot and the victim is reprimanded for seeking help? And then, what is the right action to take if you see a black dot? Calling the police isn’t always the best option. However, I like the idea of having some sort of signal to help people involved in domestic violence situations AND that this is creating awareness about the issue. Maybe the black dot will spark a better, more viable idea… ~Angela

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