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Staying healthy goes far beyond what's on your dinner plate and how often you break a sweat. On occasion I like to address mental health and the importance of emotional wellness.

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Staying healthy goes far beyond what’s on your dinner plate and how often you break a sweat. On occasion I like to address mental health and the importance of emotional wellness.

I am upset that this topic is often taboo. I feel great sadness when people have to whisper about seeking mental health counseling or taking time for self-care.

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For years I volunteered and worked with a local program that assists people who have physical, cognitive and emotional challenges. I’ve seen the power first-hand of acknowledging depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and a host of other mental issues.

And over the years I’ve also attended private counseling sessions to work through stressful situations.

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Healing is possible. But first, you have to be able to admit there’s work to be done.

My personal health journey is complex. I’m following the Autoimmune Protocol to lessen the symptoms of multiple chronic illnesses. My overactive immune system is triggered by both physical (food, environment) and emotional stressors.

I take mental health very seriously. My overall health and life depend on it.

Plus, I’m no longer turning a blind eye to genetics and family history. Why? I want to be as physically and emotionally healthy as I can be and not fall into a cycle of illness that will consume me. I know what possible issues lie in my path, and I’m facing them head on.

Some see my approach as resilient. Others laugh at me and talk behind my back.

My intentions have always been to do good. Live healthy. Make better decisions. I’ve never purposely tried to hurt any of my readers with my words.

Sometimes the reality, candor and honesty stings. It’s just as hard for me to write through the tears and anxiety as it is for you to read. But, there is a purpose.

For me, writing is therapeutic. I’m able to have a conversation with myself and work through my feelings. Words have been my go-to best friends since I was a child who kept journals and wrote poetry.

And, I will continue writing.

I’ve been publicly published since 1998 and have received countless messages from readers with words of empathy, new found hope and inspiration to make improvements in their lives after reading my thoughts.

I love that sharing ideas and experiences can have that sort of impact. For me, it’s fulfilling and brings me joy.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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