Because You’re Supposed To

Because You're Supposed To

These are my coneflowers after they went to seed this fall. Sure, they’re not vibrant, but this is part of their lifecycle, too!

Go to college. Eat lunch at noon. Wear black to a funeral. Get a job. Clean with bleach. Get married. Work 9-to-5. Buy a car.

Why? Because you’re supposed to? According to who?

A narrow-minded, one-and-done recipe for life stifles the curious and creative. It silences our subconscious. What if we think beyond typical cultural expectations and try something new or what feels right for us — as individuals?

What would happen?

You might…
invent something
inspire someone
find a passion (Like this young artist!)
discover true happiness
become more productive
live a fuller life
feel more appreciated
get healthier
break the glass ceiling
define your life’s purpose
break stereotypes

How much of your life has been guided by a cookie-cutter roadmap or people who think you should approach each task the same way everyone else does?

What if we move forward guided by instincts and lessons learned? What if we didn’t worry about how people judged us? What if we listened to our hearts and not our egos?

What if we stopped following the empty guidance of those who auto-reply, “Because that’s how you’re supposed to…”.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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