Are You Writing and Reading on Medium?

Are You Writing and Reading on Medium?

What’s your favorite online hangout? Facebook? A blog? Medium?

If you haven’t heard of Medium yet, it’s a two-year-old platform that’s recently taken off publicly. It allows writers to post articles and blog posts in a Facebook-meets-Instagram type setting. You can click hearts to like a post, leave comments, share and follow other users.

As a writer, it’s a neat outlet to increase your visibility online. But, it’s also a free platform — both for readers and contributors. That means writers aren’t paid, which in a general sense makes me upset. If you want quality posts and thoughts (not a string of rants and incomplete sentences) you’d bring in more high-quality contributors if you pay something for each post.

So, have you checked out Medium yet?

Here’s my newly created profile if you want to take a peek and poke around. I’m on the fence. Medium is fun to browse and read, but I’m not sure if I’ll post there when I can make money up front by writing for other outlets.

What are your ideas and thoughts?

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