Are You a Health Ideas Collector? (I am.)

Are You a Health Ideas Collector? (I am.)

We start boards on Pinterest to organize nutritious recipes. Fitness apps linger on our phones. We bookmark inspirational blogs for encouragement.

The home treadmill gathers dust while an avocado turns brown. (Does this sound familiar?)

We really do mean well, but has your approach to managing your health become stagnant? Your intentions are bold and positive, but the follow-through is, well, inconsistent.

We all have these moments, days and weeks — myself included.

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I was listening to a podcast last night that highlighted this very rhythm of collecting ideas, but never put them into action. The concluding message resonated with an idea I’ve been thinking for months now: If we just did the things we planned/researched, we’d be rockin’!

There are so many resources available to us, and hopeful intentions behind using them. What if we actually worked past our procrastination, stopped adopting the ‘easy’ choices, limited our activities that don’t nurture our health (bag of Doritos, I’m eyeing you.) and were more deeply focused on our actions?

But, how?

We’re tired/busy/overextended/sick (fill in the situation). I totally get it. I think to become a successful do-er, rather than a collector, focus on one change at a time. Wide sweeping health-improving statements or commitments are HARD and unreasonable to implement immediately.

Say, “I’m going to eat a healthy breakfast today.” Then, do it.

That’s much more achievable than, “I’m never going to eat processed foods again.”. While that’s a great idea, it’s so huge that it’s tough to enforce without a ton of meal planning, pantry purging and making daily trips to the grocery store to have fresh produce on hand 24/7.

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Today I challenge you to make one healthy decision. Just one. Maybe you’ll repeat it. Maybe it’ll grow. Maybe it will become a habit over time. Maybe. And if it doesn’t, that’s ok too. Maybe tomorrows healthy choice will stick or inspire you to make a second healthy choice for the day.

Big or small, every choice that bolsters a healthier mind or body is a step in the right direction. We can only take one step at a time, so focus on that.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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