Applesauce Extras

Applesauce Extras

I’m working on a new recipe. I have oodles of apples and am trying to put a new spin on an old classic: applesauce.

I love it plain (when made with really sweet apples!) or seasoned with honey and cinnamon. But, for this recipe, I want to add a little something different. What do you like to add to your applesauce? Do you use any uncommon spices that really work well?

When I was a little girl, I remember some people mixing red cinnamon imperial candies into the hot, bubbly sauce and letting them melt to add flavor and a fun red color. But, as an adult, I like things to be a bit more natural.

I’m thinking a cranberry-apple combo might be nice. Or, what about adding raisins? How do you like to jazz up your homemade applesauce? Tell me in the comments below!

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