Are There Angels Among Us?

Angels Among Us

I believe. I think everything happens for a reason and some situations are perfectly timed. Sometimes we need to see or feel something at the exact moment it happens to put things in our life in perspective.

The other day I left yoga class and hopped in my car to head home and get back to work. After I put my key in the ignition and looked up, I saw a beautiful cinnamon-colored dove looking back at me. He sat still on the hood of my car.

For minutes we stared at each other. Then, I got out and reached my hand to him to see if he was injured and needed help. I nearly pet his back when he flew off and up into a nearby maple tree.

I’ve read that having a dove come so close and connect with you personally can be a sign of an angel trying to communicate with you. Doves also symbolize peace, love and purity. I’m sure there are other meanings behind encounters with doves too.

Do you know what this might have meant?
Or, was I just lucky to have a feathery visitor to admire for a moment?

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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