A Warm Cup of…Pause

A Warm Cup of Pause

It was one of those mornings. I woke up exhausted with throbbing ankles and creaky knees and a to-do list a mile long and 45 minutes to get dressed and out the door. Anxiety bubbled up.

Then, I practiced the pause.

I evaluated my day, juggled the tasks on my calendar and totally turned my morning around. I brewed a cup of my new-to-me Teeccino herbal coffee (made from chicory!) that I’ve been excited to try, made homemade smothered vegan hashbrowns for breakfast and ate next to the senior pup as she gobbled down her kibble.

Do you practice the pause when things become overwhelming?

If you can’t change your plans, at least carve out 30 seconds for you. Simply close your eyes, take a long, deep inhale, hold for a moment, then blow it all out. Finish by finding three things you’re grateful for today.

Here are mine:

  • A warm cup of…pause
  • A passion for playing with words
  • Warm fuzzy socks on a chilly fall morning

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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