A Story of Sweet Serendipity and a Puppy

Angie and Leo smiling

This was snapped on our first walk together in April 2020 while Leo was still in foster care. It’s one of my favorite pictures. Leo later chewed up those sunglasses. Oops!

I’m a firm believer the universe aligns you with what you need, exactly when you need it. These shifts may bring tears of sadness — or joy. For me this past spring, it was a sweet moment of serendipity.

It was time.

After grieving the loss of my previous two dogs, I knew in my heart I was ready to love another dog again. Honestly, I had been ready for awhile, but the chaos of an unplanned move and getting settled into a new home put those intentions on hold until the environment was right for a new furry friend.


In April 2020, I adopted a mellow fellow from Noah’s Hope Animal Rescue in Sioux City, Iowa. He wasn’t my first choice for a new dog companion. I was really pining for Daisy, then Kiya and finally I said ‘Yes!’ to Tex. But none of those dogs were meant to be.

Then along came Joker.

The caramel and marshmallow-colored pit bull mix has half a star on his face, half a tail on his butt and way-too-short home-docked ears that make him resemble a little clown. But the name Joker didn’t fit his tender, kind demeanor. To me, he was a gentle little lion with his king-of-the-jungle crown slightly askew on his forehead.

Close up of Leo the dog

This is Leo’s “Stop taking pictures of me, mom!” face. You can also see his two-point white crown at the tip of his head.

The name Leo popped into my mind, as an homage to my beloved summer star sign.

Four days after our initial meeting, and a few visits, I signed the papers and made Leo (formerly Joker) my official pupper. The connection was awkward at first. He was a timid shelter dog. I was a recently grieving dog mom. Building trust and love for one another was a slow burn, from glowing embers to raging happiness, over the span of these past four months.


As he and I assessed one another and our new partnership, the universe gave us a little sign that we were indeed meant to be companions.

One afternoon, I logged onto the website that hosts his microchip to update the information with my name and address, so if he ever gets lost he is returned to me. As I scanned his file and filled in the boxes, I saw his birth date.

August 11, 2014.

As I stared at the screen a gentle smile of disbelief unfurled across my lips. I laughed. This dog has my same birth day, August 11.

He really is a Leo. This makes us both Leos.

When I changed his name from Joker to Leo, I had a gut hunch that it was the right name for him. And now, I know why. I think my guardian angels are pleased at what a great surprise they pulled off guiding me to the exact perfect dog for me.


Next week, as August 11 rolls around, we will celebrate Leo’s 6th birthday and my 43rd year around the sun. Here’s to more serendipitous moments for these fiery star signs in the days to come!

Until next time,
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