A Peek Inside My 21-Day Yoga Challenge

A Peek Inside My 21-Day Yoga Challenge

I’ve been working on creating a home-yoga habit.

Sure, I hit the studio several times a week, but I really want to organically integrate the yogic lifestyle into my days, even if it’s just 10 minutes of focused breath work while driving or 5 minutes of meditation before bed.

The calm and restoration that comes from yoga helps me manage my physical and emotional health. Maybe a home yoga practice can help you too?

If you frequent my Instagram and Twitter feeds, you know I recently completed a 21-day home yoga challenge for the Good Matters blog from Tom’s of Maine. As I started to write about my experience, I noticed my words flowing onto page after page after page.

I was quickly over word count for my assigned story, so I thought I’d share some of my extra notes here to shed additional insight into what it’s like to make time each day for a home yoga practice.

Here are a few highlights:

Try not to be so rigid with your plans.

I haven’t successfully set up a home practice in the past because I want everything to be too structured. I expect to have an hour of solo time without interruptions, with a planned flow of poses ready to go or to tackle a yoga video that may be too advanced for my physical level. I need to let all that go and accept what the practice is able to be each day.

It’s OK if a practice is 20 minutes, not an hour.

Some sessions will be focused on working up a sweat and burning off my weekend taco indulgence, while other practices will focus on breath work or listening to a guided meditation. I think the goal needs to be self-care, however it manifests.

Your practice doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s.

Don’t be swayed by beautiful Instagram snaps or your yoga-teacher friend who presses up into handstands with little visible effort. This is YOUR practice, it can be whatever works for you. Yoga means uniting mind and body, and however you reach that moment is up to you.

The Good Matters blog post hasn’t published yet, but when it does, I will update this post and share it on Twitter and Facebook too. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: The post has published! You can read it HERE.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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