A Love Note to My Closet Readers

A Love Note to My Closet Readers

I have a special fondness for those who pop in, read and slip away quietly. Why? Because I’m also one of you.

Several times each week, I take to the interwebs to learn more about one of my chronic health conditions or a treatment I’m considering. After scanning the medical sources, I usually land on blogs written by people like us.

Real people living the day-to-day realities.

I feel connected, understood and like I could have written the same words. It’s incredibly comforting, validating and in a weird way like we’re all on the same unfortunate team, pushing for the same wins and victories. Quietly.

Like you, dear closet reader, I rarely leave a comment, engage on social media or part take in the surveys. Sometimes I’m simply in a fleeting moment and don’t have the energy or time to do so, other times, I don’t want others to know.

Sound familiar?

Then there are days where I feel strong and empowered. I don’t let the judgements of others affect my choices. I shout loud and clear about my challenges and successes to let others know they are not alone.

I use hashtags like #breakthestigma and #spoonie and dive into socially taboo topics like self-care, mental health and chronic illness.

We all have days that ebb and flow.

Often I’m a silent observer, nodding in agreement with the comforting words I read, then gently slipping away with a sense of camaraderie with someone I’ve never met, but shares the same deep, emotional connection to their health.

Thank you, closet reader. I too am one of you.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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