A Few of My Favorite Things

A Few of My Favorite Things!

Are you an Amazon-a-holic? I am.

I use the monthly Subscribe and Save feature to stock up on everyday toiletries and pantry items at a fraction of grocery store prices. Shopping for holidays and birthdays often happens on Amazon too.

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And if you missed my post a few weeks ago, I’m an Audible lover now too. (That’s the Amazon audiobook service.)

Audio Books 2.0

I guess it’s no surprise that Amazon reached out to me about becoming an influencer and setting up a personalized page ON AMAZON to recommend the products I love! WOOT! So, I did!

I share books, yoga products, health-focused household products and anything else that’s caught my eye and landed in my shopping cart over the years. I’m updating the page often with my new favorite finds. If you find that you love my suggestions and recommendations here on the blog and the corresponding Facebook page, you should probably scan my new Amazon page too! I might just have your new favorite evening read or essential-oil based laundry detergent recommendation waiting for you!

Here’s the Amazon page if you’d like to check it out! CLICK HERE

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