8 Healthy, Simple Travel Snacks

8 Healthy, Simple Travel Snacks

Being on the road is a little scary when you follow a restricted diet. So, when I packed for my trip to Boston, I tucked lots of airplane-safe, non-perishable snacks in my checked luggage.

I thought it might be fun to share the goodies I’ve found and put together a post about travel snacks for all the upcoming summer road trips and vacations. Heck, these would also be great in lunch boxes or to just keep in your purse or car if you have blood sugar issues, like me!

The bulk of these are vegetarian and gluten-free, because that’s what I follow. But, I also tossed in a few random things the hubby likes as well, and he doesn’t have any dietary restrictions. Please read all product ingredient lists before snagging these goodies!

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8 Healthy, Simple Non-Perishable Travel Snacks

Crispy Fruit: These individual packets of crispy dried fruits are awesome to take on the go. They pretty much melt in your mouth because they are freeze dried, not dehydrated. The hubby thinks the tangerine wedges look like Cheetos!

Kind Pressed Bars: I’ve tried these in several flavor combinations and think the apple cherry chia is the best (so far). I like that these bars have 3-4 ingredients, no added sugar and can tuck in a purse and be ready at a moment’s notice.

Plantain Chips: These banana-looking snacks are crispy, salty and remind me of potato chips. I enjoy them dipped in guacamole or dessert hummus! Warning: They are high in carbs and calories, so don’t eat the whole bag in one sitting! (The plantain chips in the photo are from Walmart!)

Nutrition Nut Mix: The hubby grabs these snack packets in the morning. There are several blends of nuts, dried fruits, granola clusters and seeds to choose from. The Breakfast Blend is the favorite in our household.

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Annie’s Fruit Snacks: Craving gummy bears but don’t want all the artificial colors and added sugars? These gummy bunnies are flavorful, chewy and vegan. My husband is not to be trusted with a box of these. They will go missing!

Eden Pumpkin Seeds: There’s no reason to wait for fall to enjoy roasted pumpkin seeds! They’re nutrient-dense, full of protein and tasty, of course! These little snack packs are perfect for traveling.

Hemp Heart Bites: I have a package of these in my bag and hope they are tasty! The package promises they are crunchy and nutty, which sounds good to me.

Hummus Dip: These little pouches of chickpea dip are great on crackers, a salad or just by themselves. I have some sun-dried tomato flavored packs in my hotel room for late-night snacking.

So, what are your favorite portable snacks?

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Choose healthy!

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