4 Ways to Take Yoga Off Your Mat

4 Ways to Take Yoga Off Your Mat

Slow down and notice the details of everyday objects in your life. Did you see the water drops on this flower? Did you spot the fly? Photo by Angela Tague

Lately I’ve been noticing the principles and techniques I’ve learned in therapeutic yoga popping up in my everyday life — off my mat.

Mindfulness is finally becoming second nature. Practicing the pause between feeling and responding is improving. It really is a huge shift in my daily life that I’m so thankful for.

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Here are a few of the principles and how you can practice them in your daily life, whether you do yoga or not.

Sit in silence.

We don’t have to be ‘doing’ at all times of the day. I challenge you to step away from the computer, TV or phone screen and sit outside in the sunshine with your bare feet in the grass, water or sand. Listen to your thoughts.

Accept discomfort.

We are all facing challenges of some sort. I’ve learned to reframe these moments from being high-anxiety situations to eventually finding acceptance for the reality and then discovering the lesson why I’m experiencing such pain. There is always a lesson.

Be present.

Slow down when doing routine tasks. Next time you walk to your car, stop and admire the intricacies of a blooming flower or shapes of the clouds. When you’re traveling, pay attention to the colors of the houses or types of trees in the yards. Notice details.

Be kind to yourself.

Nurture positive conversation with that inner voice that often casts doubt. Instead of thinking you’re too whatever, celebrate the good things and say them aloud. I am creative. I am helpful. I am faithful. I am resilient.

Give these yoga principles a try and let me know how they work for you. How do they make you feel?

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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