3 Ways to Avoid Workout Burnout

A Bit of Doga

Is this you? You decided to make some healthy changes, bought some cute workout clothes and stuck to it for maybe a week or two.

Then, you got bored. Exercise was becoming a chore. You started dreading going to the gym and when you looked at your sneakers you rolled your eyes.

It’s OK. We all get fitness fatigue on occasion.

It dawned on me earlier this week that I’m coming up on my two-year anniversary of joining a local gym. AND, I still go regularly. So, what’s kept me motivated to exercise? Several things!

1. Try joining a class. You’ll feel compelled to attend, especially if you make friends and they ask where you were when you miss a class. I find it’s much easier to stick to group activities than to rely on myself to sneak in a solo workout at home.

2. Mix it up. Don’t do the same exact thing every day. For example, if you enjoy walking, add variety to your workout by walking in your neighborhood, walking at a park or walking around the shopping mall. A change of scenery helps keep you interested in lacing up those sneakers!

3. Break your routine. I’m thinking it might be time for me to mix up my weekly routine once again. I do the same thing each week on a set day, and it’s starting to get a bit predictable and monotonous. I’m thinking about trying a new water aerobics class or sneaking in an extra yoga class to changes things up a bit.

How to you avoid workout burnout? Share your tips in the comments below.

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Choose healthy!

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