12 Years Into a Celiac Disease Diagnosis: Managing New Symptoms

12 Years Into a Celiac Disease Diagnosis: Managing New Symptoms

Last Friday I woke up to numb fingertips. Then, the tingly sensation spread over my hands, leaving me unable to maneuver much of anything, including my keyboard.

I called my doctor and was in her office within an hour.

We discussed my history and she narrowed in on the Celiac Disease listed in my charts. We talked at length about my diligence with a gluten-free diet and how this autoimmune illness may be the source of my numb fingers.

Interestingly, I learned that although malnourishment from Celiac Disease in the first few years of symptoms and finding a diagnosis is common, it can also pop up much later during disease management.

I’m twelve years into my diagnosis and may be malnourished.

As we await my blood test results, my doctor predicts that my digestive tract is not adequately absorbing key nutrients, which leaves me vitamin deficient and ultimately malnourished. The lack of specific vitamins in my body (despite easing a rainbow of produce daily) can be to blame for my numb fingers and recent increase in fatigue. I’ve been studying “Reversing Nutrition Deficiencies in Celiac Disease Patients” by Christen Cupples Cooper, MS, RD published by Today’s Dietician for more information to learn more.

I was shocked.

I had chalked up my extra tiredness from a recent move and all that entails: packing, unpacking, cleaning, shopping, organizing and on and on. But, my levels of fatigue are starting to affect how I manage other areas of my life and need serious attention. My (numb) fingers are crossed that my blood work will show nutritional deficiencies from a damaged intestinal lining (that’s common for Celiac folks) that can be boosted with injections that bypass my digestive system.

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The takeaway: Don’t get complacent with your diagnosis. Although I follow a gluten-free diet daily to keep the villi in my intestinal tract healthy, it’s possible to still have something go wrong. Be mindful of new symptoms. Follow-up with your doctor. And, don’t assume your challenges have to be tolerated. There may be options to improve your energy, comfort level or disease progression.

I now have a referral to a new rheumatologist, a new set of blood work to review and plans to get ahead of whatever is going on in my body.

Are you taking care of yourself too?

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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