11 Podcasts Related to Wellness, News, Entrepreneurship & Storytelling

11 Podcasts Related to Wellness, News, Entrepreneurship & Storytelling

As an avid writer, it’s not surprising that I’m a voracious reader and listener. As I’ve mentioned on Web Writing Advice, keeping our minds active is essential to creativity and productivity when it comes to writing. Plus, it keeps us mentally healthy!

I often turn to podcasts to learn about new topics, sink into an engaging story series or pump myself up when it comes to mental wellness and the twisting, turning journey of being a small business owner.

Basically, podcasts are my best buddies when I’m taking a bath, walking on the treadmill or washing dishes. I might as well get inspired or learn something while I’m doing those mundane tasks, right?

So today I’m sharing which podcasts are currently on rotation on my iPhone. It’s truly a mix of wellness, spiritual guidance, news, business and inspiration.

Maybe one of these will be interesting to you too!

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Here’s What I’m Listening To

  1. Self Service: If you’re looking for a cheerleader to tell you indulgent self-care should be on your schedule daily, host Jerico Mandybur is ready to help! Each episode features a bit of astrology, meditation or breathing techniques and helpful tips related to physical and mental wellness. Season 1 just ended and I can’t wait for Season 2 to start-up in the fall!
  2. ProBlogger Podcast: If you currently have a blog, dream of starting a blog or want to make blogging your career (yes, a full-time income), Darren knows it all and shares tons of tips! I learn something new each time I listen, even though I’ve been playing with words professionally since 1998.
  3. Optimal Living Daily: Speaking of blogging, this podcast features prolific bloggers each week. The host reads popular posts that relate to optimizing your life through financial planning, health choices and simply reframing the way you think about things. Generally, these short posts leave me feeling inspired and ready to pen a few blog posts of my own. Plus, it’s fun to hear what other writers are opining about.
  4. Brand Storytelling: This podcast is presented by Newsmodo, a content marketing agency in Australia that I’ve worked with professionally both as a writer and as a guest on the show. If you work in marketing, sales, communications or journalism, this is a must-listen-to keep ahead of trends in this industry. (Update: As of January, 2022, this podcast is no longer online.)
  5. Fresh Air: Yes, the classic National Public Radio (NPR) show is now available in podcast form. I love the feature storytelling style that meshes natural sounds and ambient conversation with interviews. Actually, NPR has created many, many podcasts that are worth checking into if you love public radio. Look up TED Radio Hour, Planet Money, Car Talk and NPR Politics.
  6. Up First: Yep, this is another NPR podcast. It’s a less than 10-minute snippet of the day’s top headlines presented via conversational banter. It’s perfect for enjoying while you get dressed for the day so you can stay on top of current issues. It’s posted by 5:00 am CST each weekday.
  7. The Daily: As a former newspaper features writer and New York Times subscriber, I enjoy listening to this news summary podcast. Sometimes the host presents a handful of topics, other weeks he dives into a multi-part feature story so listeners can truly understand an issue beyond quick headlines and sound bites.
  8. Girlboss Radio: Sophia Amoruso from the Nasty Gal stardom (remember the online vintage clothing store, books and Netflix movie?) has her own podcast and she’s interviewing successful women in business. I love the candid, truthful insight shared by ladies who also decided to go all-in and turn dreams into paychecks.
  9. Serial and S-Town: Love mysteries? Think old-timey radio program stories are cool? Check out Serial or S-Town to get lost in a few crazy, winding tales. I love these ongoing sagas and tend to binge-listen. Another great story-based podcast is Someone Knows Something from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).
  10. The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast: My fitness-loving friend Phoebe Chongchua digs into everything related to working in content marketing from a journalist’s perspective. Brands love hiring journalists to tell their stories, and Phoebe brings on guests (including me!) to share first-person insight and actionable advice. If you create content online, queue this one up.
  11. Why Shamanism Now: If you’re looking for some deeper meaning in life, without committing to a specific religion, I encourage you to listen to Christina Pratt’s podcast about Shamanism. She helps you take a mindful approach to understand your intuition and how to listen to those whispers from the universe that guide you along life’s journey.

Do you keep your mind active by listening to podcasts? I’m always looking for a new show or two to add to my rotation. Comment below if you know of a podcast I’d love!

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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Note: This post was last updated on January 3, 2022.

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