My Prajja Yoga Experience

This supported Sphinx was my favorite pose in the Prajja Yoga class.

Relaxation and mindfulness top my agenda daily.

When life falls out of balance and stressful situations consume my mind, my body reacts by revving up a confused immune system, making me sick.

So, to help decompress, I tried a new-to-me therapeutic yoga class called Prajja Yoga at a local studio. The class is geared at those with autoimmune conditions and other health issues that may limit the intensity of their workouts.

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It was an hour and fifteen minute session flanked with relaxing music, burning sage and the soft glow of a Himalayan salt lamp.

We started with fifteen minutes of guided mediation in an easy seated position to clear the mind and work on lengthening the spine. I have a hard time mentally letting go because I’m always mentally multitasking. A new headline for the article I’m editing. How many loads of laundry have piled up? How much I miss my grandma. If I’m ever going to get a garden planted this summer. What should I make for dinner?

The thoughts stream continuously.

Thankfully, I was able to find a level of relaxation that I didn’t have before stepping into the class. I wasn’t 100 percent into the meditation, but it was better than past attempts.

Then we moved into  several low-impact poses that focused on working specific muscle groups, joints and the spine. We worked with blocks, bolsters and blankets to ease into and out of each position, keeping our bodies extra comfortable.

Seated and reclining twists, arching cats, stretching cows, reverse pigeons and supported seated forward folds were all in the lineup. We ended with a long, quiet savasanna.

I was shocked when time was up.

Usually, I feel like hour-long yoga classes are too much on my joints, but I had been on my mat (I just bought this one in green!) for over an hour and could have stayed in that flow another hour or maybe two.

If you have a chance to experience a prajja yoga class, I say go for it! It helped reduce my stress levels, cleared my mind (mostly) and eased some mild joint inflammation.

What healthy decisions have you made today?

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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