I’m Ready for 2016

I'm Ready for 2016

The past year has been challenging. Two unexpected surgeries, a water leak home insurance claim and a broken heating system has created both unexpected emotional and financial stress.

But, I’m still happy.

Things really could be much worse. I made it through surgery and dodged the big “C”. My dog amazingly survived bloat, an incredibly dangerous stomach-twisting condition. (That’s her in the photo giving me a winter kiss several years ago.) And although our house has damage, it can be fixed.

I really am thankful that I have the opportunity to move forward and learn from these experiences. I’ve even made money blogging about bloat in dogs, homeowner tips and what it was like to go through my first surgery. (Clients love first-person insight and stories!)

As the house gets turned upside down by contractors, plumbers, painters, construction workers and other repair people, I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to update the blog. So, I’m going to focus on sharing inspirational, tasty, fun posts over on the Cupcakes and Yoga Pants Facebook community during my free time. Please join me on Facebook until life slows down a bit and I can give this blog the attention it deserves.

Thank you!

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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