Easy Pumpkin Jars Craft

Easy Pumpkin Jars Craft

I love to upcycle. A few years ago I decided to transform old pasta, peanut butter and yeast jars into cute Halloween Jack-o-lanterns.

I tucked tiny battery-operated tealight candles in the jars, and now they illuminate my fireplace mantle.

Now, I love to craft, but it has to be easy and fast. I just don’t have the time or patience for a long drawn out project. So, I’d say this took about 30 minutes to make, since the jars were already washed and dry.

Here’s how!

  1. Use painter’s tape to create faces or write words on the jars.
  2. Go outside and place the jars upside down over garden stakes or sticks poked into the ground.
  3. Spray each jar with orange spray paint. Let dry.
  4. Peel away the painter’s tape, fill with candles and enjoy!

That’s really all there is to it! I plan to make a few more jars this year to add to my growing collection. Have you made a similar project? I’d love to hear about it or see some photos! Please comment below with your Facebook account.

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