Do You Celebrate #WellnessWednesday?

Do You Celebrate #WellnessWednesday?

Tacos get Tuesday. Throwback memories get Thursday.

So, guess what’s sandwiched in between?


I’m really not sure where or when this homage to self-care started, but I love the idea!

I think I first noticed it as a hashtag on Twitter and browsed some of the posts. People were taking time out their busy week to focus on their health and wellness. They were cooking wholesome food, sneaking in some exercise and reading that book that’s been on their wish list for way too long.

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We all have busy days. Whether you work full-time, have a family, are caring for an elderly parent, have special needs pets, are fixing up a house or spend your days volunteering, it’s not uncommon to focus on everything ELSE first.

However, I encourage YOU to take some time out of your hectic schedule for yourself.

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And if you already have tons of free time on your hands, why not start making healthier decisions? Add a short walk into your day to strengthen your heart, vow to learn a new skill or hobby to keep your mind sharp, try a new recipe that will nourish your body’s needs or consider volunteering your time to help others who could benefit from your assistance. (Being selfless naturally makes you feel good!)

Do something that will benefit your health and wellness.

Each Wednesday I block a chunk of time out of my work schedule to celebrate #WellnessWednesday. Sometimes I soak in a hot bath to soothe my eczema and relax my 100mph brain, read a book not related to work, make a mess in the kitchen with a new recipe, spend time outside with the dogs or sneak in a much-needed nap.

Whatever I choose, it’s all about me.

I find that #WellnessWednesday helps me reduce stress and break out of my usual routine. For me, it’s critical to manage my stress because it makes several of my autoimmune conditions flare up, which degrade my overall health.

So, what healthy choices are you making today? Do you celebrate #WellnessWednesday?
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Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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