8 Random Things Parents of Weimaraners Say

8 Random Things Parents of Weimaraners Say

When you’re a parent of a wonderful weimaraner, you have to get used to their cunning, sneaky ways. They’re large and all too often in charge of everything around the house.

Here are a few random things the hubby and I have said to our beautiful girl, Belle.

  1. How did you get into that cupboard above the sink and eat all the peanut butter powder?
  2. Don’t lick the stovetop! It’s HOT!
  3. Bunnies, squirrels and snakes are friends not food!
  4. Where did you get that saucepan?
  5. Where’s the loaf of bread that was on the counter a minute ago?
  6. I guess I’m going to sleep in the guest bedroom tonight because you’re taking up my entire spot in bed!
  7. How did you get on top of the table?
  8. Where did you find a corn dog? (True story! Our weim finds weird things on our neighborhood walks.)

Do you have a curious dog in your home? What have you said to him that’s a little out there?

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